Ceramic historically is one of the very first inventions of mankind made of clay. Pottery, the process of making ceramics by the action of heat and subsequent cooling, has been developed from time to time – as well as ceramic – as a tool for daily life in the dawn of mankind into fine art of aristocracy.

       Embraced by humanity’s precious history, Napangkoon – A Thai ceramic factory established in the late 80’s in city of ceramic in Thailand, Lampang – has been working both to preserve this dignified art as the duty of artist as well as to honor the unique and incomparable styles of our ceramic. Our products is length varies from home decorative products, bath and spa accessory, tableware and vase, and else.

       Experiencing more than two decades in the art of ceramic, Napangkoon has been improving the product quality as best as we can and not yet to stop in the near future. This is all to guarantee that every single piece of our products is made of love, creativity, and endeavor from our very own careful hands. The experience forges our products to be outstanding, surprisingly fascinating, and unique in identity that you will have never ever found in any other place in the world.

       From our little starting point unto this time, Napangkoon has gathered a reputation along our way to be one of the most famous ceramic companies in Thailand. Our remarkable products have distributed over Europe, Middle East, South East Asia, USA and Australia and longed to be around the world in no time.

We are looking forward to impress you by our exclusive products.